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5 Reasons to Pick Cruelty Free Eczema Products

5 Reasons to Pick Cruelty Free Eczema Products

Wondering if using cruelty-free eczema products is the best way to treat or alleviate eczema symptoms? Whether faced with the problem of red, itchy rashes or dry, flaky skin commonly on the face, elbows and at the back of the knees, there's one thing you should know. Using eczema products not tested on animals means giving your skin natural healthy skin food and having a general sense of well-being, knowing you've put in your share to protect the furry ones. For 5 more reasons to go cruelty-free on your eczema products, do read on.

  1. Cleaner and Healthier Product

Cruelty-free products are generally cleaner and healthier. If the makers are conscientious enough not to harm animals in the process, you can be sure that the products they offer are safe health-wise. That's why narrowing your options to cruelty-free eczema products is the easiest way to make sure that what you have in hand is a winner – one that would really nurture your skin back to health.

Eczema, whether due to genetic predisposition or environmental factors, can easily be exacerbated by sensitizing ingredients. It won't hurt to mind the list; make sure everything on there is good for you. Better to err on the side of caution.

Here's a link to a wonderful product you might want to check out, Cetraben Lotion.

Part of its ingredients is paraffin - soft paraffin and light liquid paraffin. In the dermo-cosmetic field, paraffin wax baths are known to improve blood flow, relieve pain, enhance skin quality due to paraffin wax's reparative effects on the skin barrier. Moreover, as a potent skin emollient, paraffin wax acts as a second skin to protect dehydrated and damaged skin from infection.

5 Reasons to Pick Cruelty Free Eczema Products

Its other ingredients are: 

  • Glycerol - rated best in the skin-replenishment department
  • Phenoxyethanol - protects the product from unwanted microbials
  • Citric acid - serves to prevent the product from being too alkaline
  • Cetostearyl alcohol - a fatty alcohol mixture of gentle cetyl and stearyl, which is an emollient and texture enhancer found in "alcohol-free" labelled skin products
  • Sodium Hydroxide - used in very small amounts to maintain the product's Ph balance
  • Purified Water – we already know this is good stuff

Cetraben Lotion was reviewed by SkinSAFE and stamped 100% best for sensitive skin for being hypoallergenic and free of gluten, coconut, top common allergy-causing preservatives, lanolin, paraben, topical antibiotic, MCI, MI, soy, propylene, glycol, oil, and dye. So check it out; it could be the perfect fit you're looking for.

  1. Less Is More

You'll be surprised at how much money you could save by being picky with your skincare, beauty, and wellness products as opposed to buying on a whim or impulse. It would also do wonders for your dresser and cupboards, decluttering them in no time, leaving you with more space for products that really work.

  1. Healthier You from Within

You care more for yourself when you care for others. So choosing cruelty-free products isn't just a fad promoted by celebrities from a few years back. At the core of it lies how we live large - by living beyond ourselves. Looking out for life around us – nature and life in it.

In the US alone, 1 million animals were held captive for lab testing in 2019, in Canada, 3.9 million animals were subjected to various degrading experiments, and it's the same scenario in the UK with over 3 million inhumane procedures done on animals – all in pursuit of the big buck.

Choosing cruelty-free products is an inconspicuous way to pitch in, take part in making the world a better place, so to speak, and a win-win too. Soon you'll find yourself glowing from the inside out, knowing that you have become a part of a noble cause. Now, that is wellness, and the significant part is you've done it old-school – do good because it's the right thing to do, without any fanfare.

  1. Cost-efficient

It's a common misconception that cruelty-free products are naturally more expensive, with limited selection. The truth is that the "cruelty-free" status of a product is not part of the factors determining its price.  There are more than enough fantastic brands to choose from in the market, all offering great value for money. If you haven't yet, look up Cetraben lotion. It is definitely one of the best-priced cruelty-free eczema products at only 8.35 pounds for a 500g bottle -  a great deal as it is also vegan friendly and suitable for all ages. 

5 Reasons to Pick Cruelty Free Eczema Products

  1. To Make Room for Better Options

There are better ways to ascertain a product's safety rather than animal testing. In-vitro testing, for example, could identify possible skin irritants just by using lab-grown human skin cells. Another more effective way is using human-based computer models. Researchers from Oxford University, for instance, have made better progress in predicting the risks of drug-induced side-effects using computer simulations. Moreover, these and other advanced testing methods are ethical and more accurate. So why then do businesses persist in practising something widely deemed as cruel – because it's cheaper.

To date, the demand for animal cruelty-free is significantly increasing worldwide. Consumers now more than ever are becoming aware of the power they have as a collective voice for good, forcing many mainstream brands to stop the inhumane practice of animal testing. This is good news for the buying public as the market becomes inundated with ethically made products and of great value. You can help turn the tide for good by being discriminating with your product choices.  Never mind if it takes a while, the ripple is growing bigger, change is inevitable. As Donna Brazille aptly puts it, "it takes but one person, one moment, one conviction to start a ripple of change."