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Aveeno Cream 500 ml Benefits and Properties UK

Aveeno Cream 500 ml Benefits and Properties

When it comes to devising a skincare regime, no matter your skin type, a moisturizer is a must-have. For many factors lying around us, may it be environmental aggressors, our skin tends to be divorced of hydration and moisture. Without the proper supply of moisture, our skin can look dehydrated, flaky, and gloomy. That's why even the dermatologist has given the practice of keeping a good moisturizer in the skincare routine a cult status. Searching for a good moisturizer may never end as there are millions of choices, and a few products are ticking off every concern that your dry skin has. But, let me present you a one-stop solution for your beloved skin- Aveeno Cream 500 ml. This cream is an intensive moisturizing cream containing Colloidal Oatmeal - finely milled oatmeal that actively works to restore your skin's natural barrier.

Every skin is different, and so is what our moisturizer should be. While moisturizer is part of every simple skincare routine, it can be hard to narrow it down to a suitable moisturizer considering different skin types, allergies, weather, season, and any particular skin condition.  Especially, finding 'THE ONE" moisturizer concentrated for dry and withered skin is equivalent to finding a gold mine, and when you find one, you can be religiously monogamous to it.  Dry skin needs extra care. Let me tell you why! Dry skins tend to lose moisture too quickly and too easily as there is no seal on the surface to bind the water molecule that parts in the moisture in our cell. The lack of hydration gives the skin the feeling of being stripped and stretched. As for the ultimate result, dehydrate skin contributes to the loss of firmness in the skin.

You might ask why you should choose Aveeno among the millions of products available out in the market. Lo and behold! Let's break down the reasons why Aveeno Cream is the perfect suit for you.

Beneficial Properties of Aveeno Cream 500 ml

  1. Natural ingredients infused formulation:

The building blocks of moisturizer creams are the emollients and mass-produced occlusive agents to lock the hydration and provide proper moisturization. However, not all laboratory-based emollients and occlusive agents are going to be hugged by your skin. Dry skins are prone to be sensitive, so the ingredients we choose should be gentler and well-balanced. And who is gentler than nature itself? Set aside all the lab-based emollients because colloidal oatmeal is a different ball game. Aveeno Cream 500 ml introduces colloidal, finely milled oatmeal as its star ingredients in its formulation. Oatmeal contains beta-glucan that absorbs water and place it in the skin. Studies have suggested that colloidal oatmeal-infused moisturizer has better benefits than any standard mass-produced moisturizer in terms of alleviation of dryness, dry patches on the skin.

 2. Gives proper moisturization to your baby's skin

Moisturising baby

Not many moisturizers you can find in the market are specially devised and formulated targeting both you and your baby's skin. Baby's skin is thinner, gentler, and significantly more porous than the skin of an adult. Baby's tend to have dry and split skin around the sensitive areas like ankles and hands. So we put extra thought and keep our third eye on while choosing a gentle moisturizer for our baby skin.  Aveeno Cream 500 ml is here for your rescue. Aveeno Cream is as gentle on your baby's skin as your hug. Apply as desired on your baby's skin to unravel feather-like silky smooth skin on your baby.

  1. Say goodbye to eczema-prone skin

Mostly eczemas are the contribution of the dehydrated skin. Extremely dehydrated skins get flaky over time which results in itchy, scaly, and patchy skin. Collodial Oatmeal treatment is observed to successfully relieve the symptoms and get rid of the patchy skin by a 2020 double-blind study. Even the study has observed the presence of fewer harmful bacteria around the areas of affected skin compared to the users who have chosen standard moisturizers other than a colloidal oatmeal-based moisturizer. Oatmeal works as a heavy shot of moisture - that's what exactly needs anyone suffering from eczema. Aveeno Cream 500 ml has been carefully formulated with colloidal oatmeal targeting to treat eczema and prevent future occurrences.

  1. Fragrance-free formulation:

For most of us, fragrances in skincare products may feel nice but usually infusing fragrance in skincare products requires introducing harsh chemicals, which eventually can cause skin irritation from moderate to extreme. The more dry your skin is, the more sensitivity it has. Sensitive skin is prone to irritation, rash, and patchiness due to the chemicals used to give skincare items a definitive fragrance. Baby's skin is more sensitive than the adults', and usage of any kind of fragrance can cause twice as harmful as it can cause to adult skin. Aveeno Cream 500 ml does care about your skin. That is why it is formulated fragrance-free and paraben-free to provide you with the utmost care that you can derive from a moisturizer.

Say hello to silky smooth and hydrated skin all day long with this cream, and say adieu to eczema forever.

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Aveeno Cream 500ml