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Best Joint Supplements for Runners

joint supplements for runners

Running is an excellent form of exercise free of cost but provides valuable benefits to your body. It helps relieve stress, but it keeps the body fit, active, and healthy. Active running regulates metabolism to reduce the risk of diseases-blood pressure and diabetes patients are advised to run. Stats also reveals running is on race these days when people are super conscious of their health and fitness. A national survey of 2020 shows, about 6.8 million people in England run at least twice a day in 28 days.

When running is of vital importance, there are also some concern points related to your health. It doesn't matter; either you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran with expertise in running, you can still get a knee injury.

What is a knee injury, and how could you strengthen your knees? Which are the best joint supplements for runners? In this guide, you will get answers to all these questions and many more. So, let's dive right in.

What Are Common Knee Injuries Due to Running?

While running, the knee is the most common joint that is injured. Internal or external damage to knees can result in:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocation
  • Sprains
  • Tears

Following are the knee components that are more susceptible to injuries.

  • Articular Cartilage: covers the end of your shin bone, thigh bone, and back of the patella
  • Tendons: Tissue that connects muscles to bone
  • Ligaments: Tissues that attach bone to bone
  • Menisci: Cartilage that acts as a shock absorber and prevents the knee from injury

What is a Runner's Knee?

Runner's knee, also known as Patellofemoral pain syndrome–is the most common knee disease associated with 30% female runners and 25% of male runners. It is characterized by pain when the Cartilage in the kneecap gets irritated. Mechanical errors that cause deficient knee tracking may result in severe or mild pain depending upon the severity of imbalance in the muscles. The main symptom is the pain around the knee when running-but may occur while bending or sitting for a while.

Could You Treat Runner's Knee at Home?

By following some preventive measures, you can reduce the extent of pain around the knee. You can:

  • Take a break from running unless pain is reduced
  • Try to elevate and ice your knees to get comfort
  • Alter to low impact activities, like swimming
  • Have physical therapy like massage to fortify knees

What is IT Band Syndrome?

Iliotibial or IT band is a tendon that connects your knee to the hip and thus stabilizes it. IT band is a common overuse injury that affects 12% of runners due to overstrain and biomechanical factors. Your IT band becomes tightens, irritated, and inflamed to cause pain in your knee area. You may feel pain on the side of your knee-most often occurs when you increase the mile you run.

Could You Treat IT Band Syndrome at Home?

Like the runner's knee, it is essential to quit running and then take other steps. Like:

  • Ice Your knee to relieve pain
  • Take over the counter anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce pain
  • Try low impact exercises like swimming
  • Manual therapy like trigger point can help with pain

What is Jumper's Knee or Patellar Tendonitis?

When your patella is overloaded, overstressed, or has thickness-we call it jumper's knee or patellar knee. Most common young runners complain to have pain in the front knee.

It causes pain, stiffness, thickness, or loss of strength of knees-pain becomes severe when you jump, land, or squat.

You can treat the jumper's knee at home in the same way as the runner's knee.

Importance of Joint Supplements for Runners

Supplements play a vital role in aiding your running craze by alleviating the pain or stiffness. Recent research published in the British Medical Journal shows supplements can reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases by 15% - but still, there are some doubts related to the effectiveness of supplements.

It is not clear how these supplements provide nutrition to the knees but can reduce inflammation to prevent pain and arthritis.

If you are among the active runners and want to add a joint supplement to your diet, consider the following options as they are proven and effective.

Glucosamine-Old But Gold

Runners use glucosamine supplements for decades to prevent joint pain - some mythical doubt leads the runners to quit using Glucosamine. More research is needed to validate the effectiveness of Glucosamine, but it is considered best to relieve and treat joint pain and may help to deal with heart diseases.

Solgar 7 Vegetable Capsules

Solgar is the most effective alternative to Glucosamine. It is a unique blend of 7 bio-active ingredients to relieve aches and joint supplements after running or exercising. It consists of a particular form of collagen and Ester C (Vitamin C) to increase the mobility and flexibility of joints. Additionally, it supports collagen formation for the normal functioning of Cartilage and alternatively joints. Just use the Solgar 7 Vegetable Capsules and enjoy the new era of exercising as a runner. You will get notable differences by few capsules.

joint supplements for runners

Where To Find Solgar Supplements Online

With the increasing trend of products and brands in the market, finding the right product with the essential ingredients is difficult. Most of the products contain alternative lower quality ingredients than written on the package.

To make sure of their quality, you should get the supplements from a reputable store. Local Pharmacy Online must be your first and foremost choice. We have all the products with the high-quality ingredients that the package claims. Our Solgar joint supplements are best for runners to restore mobility and flexibility for their knees. Just contact our online store, and we will deliver the best product to make your life better and active than ever before.


Running is the best exercise to keep your body healthy and active throughout your life. Your few minutes spent on running saves you from numerous chronic diseases. But you should be careful while running, as it can cause knee injuries and pain. As we know, prevention is better than cure-so supplementing vitamins, and minerals can reduce the risk of pain. Solgar 7 vegetable capsules is the best solution to treat your joint pain and enjoy an active life.