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Best Supplements for Menopause Joint Pain and its benefits

Best Supplements for Menopause Joint Pain and its benefits

Middle age - it is inevitable. Suddenly emerging single strand white hairs, visible smile lines are signs when middle age starts peeping. All ages come with their changes, difficulties and with time, we tend to learn and grow through the changes. While men do not go through a considerable change, women go through a series of transitions, and one of the most significant turns of events is menopause. In the UK, Most women start experiencing menopause around the age of 51. To note that menopause doesn’t come alone – it tags along with arthritis. With increasing age, the bone loses its density, and the degeneration process starts. Arthritis is a condition where joints of the body lose collagen and lose the hydration that would keep the joint from dry friction. As a result, joint pain becomes a constant companion of women leaning towards menopause.

There is nothing we can do to stop the clock or reverse the degeneration process. But what we can do is lessen the pain and take care of the bones in every possible way to hinder our mobility and stability.

While you are reading this article, the question might arise how and from where you will start to take care of your bones? Tons of suggestions will follow your question about what supplements you should dive into and which are the easiest to find!

supplements for menopause joint pain

Don’t worry! Settle in; let us walk you through the idea of taking healthy supplements for menopause joint pain that will make your bone happy and your joints healthier.

  1. Vitamin D 

Although the body produces a small amount of Vitamin D when exposed to the Sun, your bones need more care than that. Bones need calcium to remain stronger and healthier, and Vitamin D is associated with ensuring quick calcium absorption. The lack of calcium can result in thinner and brittle bones, known as osteomalacia.

While Sun is an abundant source of Vitamin D, The UV rays associated with Sun can cause skin damage. So your best bet will be to take the best supplements and foods that are rich in vitamin D for your required daily intake.

  1. Collagen 

Growing up, you may have heard that calcium is the primary substance for healthier and stronger bones. While calcium helps you to build stronger bones, you need collagen for your flexibility. Collagen is the top coating over the hard calcium mineral, which gives the bone hydration and keeps them lubricated to move freely.

During menopause, the top coating of collagen starts to get thinner, and our hinge joints like the knee and elbows lose their fluidity to move around without feeling any pain. 

On the other side, there are two types of collagen that our body produces. Between them, Type-II collagen is found in the cartilage, the connective tissues around the bones.

You need not worry about collagen at a young age, but when you are heading to menopause, you should give extra thought to collagen and take proper supplements to ensure your bone health. 

Studies have linked the improvement of bone minerals to the daily intake of collagen supplements. One particular research has proven women who were experiencing menopausal joint paint had a significant increase in bone density after taking collagen supplements for 12 months

  1. Calcium 

Calcium is the beating heart of your bones. Calcium is the vital substance for the formation of your bones, teeth, and even nerves. As women head towards middle age, they experience low bone mass, which contributes to osteoporosis. The importance of calcium is beyond the stronger bones- it helps you to fight cancer. So it needs no telling that how important it is to maintain the required amount of calcium in your body.

For a 51-year-old woman, the recommended amount of calcium is 2000 mg per day. So tackle menopausal joint pain; you must take the calcium supplements to refill the loss of calcium you had over the years.

  1. Turmeric

Bright mustard yellow- magical yet simple and easy-to-find spice that provides you healthy and stronger bones. The active ingredient in turmeric- curcumin-possesses magical healing and anti-inflammatory properties, unlike any other spices. For ages, Indians have served milk with a pinch of turmeric to heal bone fractures. Studies have shown that this particular Indian spice can spruce up the bone density by 7%. Usually, we don’t take as much turmeric for its pungent taste as we need to see a difference. So to maintain the proper bone density, one should take the best supplements to ensure adequate intake of turmeric.

  1. Ginger 

Another Indian spice that we overlook for its pungent taste, but once you know how healthy it can be for your joint pain due to menopause, you will choose it over any other medication. Due to its inflammatory properties, its possess the ability to decrease pain. Supplements available in the market consist of gingerols, the active ingredient in ginger, which have effectively relieved pain in the joint. Researches have confirmed that a daily intake of 500 to 1,000 mg of ginger extract can help to reduce pain and increase flexibility in the hip and knee.


Wouldn’t that be great if you could find all of the supplements in one bottle? Surprisingly, we thought of that too! That’s why we have come up with Solgar 7 Vegetable 90 Capsules – the best supplements for menopause joint pain. This one bottle contains:

  • UC-II - a specialised form of collage
  • Boswellia - a plant that produces Indian frankincense, which has been used in Ayurveda medicine for centuries
  • Ester-C is a patented, fast-absorbing vitamin C form that stays in the body for up to 24 hours and supports collagen formation.

What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle and ensure healthier bones. You can find it here at local pharmacy.

 supplements for menopause joint pain