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Epaderm Cream Properties, Benefits and Review

epaderm cream properties

If you've been battling with dry skin woes without letup, chances are, you haven't come across your perfect match of a product. Let me introduce you to Epaderm Cream, the product that's big on results yet budget-friendly.  Read on for an in-depth of what makes this emollient cream a cut above the rest

Less is Best

This cream is formulated with, purely, the good stuff - soft paraffin and liquid paraffin and 4 other ingredients to help with the job of protecting, moisturizing, and healing dry skin conditions. Sometimes less is best.  Here are what makes it solve the dry skin treatment puzzle amazingly:

Soft paraffin and liquid paraffin

  • it is rated safe by SkinSAFE
  • acts as a natural protective film on your skin's natural barrier
  • it retains heat and promotes better blood circulation
  • traps moisture in, preventing moisture loss
  • unclogs pores to allow moisturizing ingredients to work deeper into the skin for intense hydration
  • all of the above benefits lead to the recovery of your skin's natural barrier

Cetomacrogol Emulsifying Wax BP (contains Cetostearyl Alcohol and Macrogol Cetostearyl Ether 22)

  • it is rated safe by SkinSAFE
  • serves an efficient protective barrier as well
  • It helps the skin to retain moisture
  • promotes rehydration
  • Cetostearyl is rated good as a texture enhancer and emollient and has softening and smoothing properties


  • it is rated safe by Skin SAFE
  • has antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Used to prevent infection
  • it's also used to extend the shelf life of skin products

Glycerine BP

  • it is rated safe by SkinSAFE
  • It acts as a humectant, increases the skin's ability to retain moisture, mainly when used with other emollient ingredients
  • it's a master at restoring and replenishing the skin's natural barrier

Skin SAFE has rated Epaderm Cream as 100% safe and free of Fragrance, Gluten, Coconut, Nickel, Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, Lanolin, Topical Antibiotic, Paraben, MCI/MI, Soy, Propylene Glycol, Oil, Irritant/Acid, and Dye.

epaderm cream

How Good is Epaderm Cream?

It is highly effective in treating even severely dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis because it's packed with such stalwart dry-skin ingredients, which are all rated safe. That's why more doctors recommend it.

Combo Power

Say goodbye to irritating soaps that do nothing but aggravate your skin's dryness. The genius of Epaderm Cream lies in its being a 2-in-1 solution to dry skin. It can be used as a cleanser and moisturizer. Imagine the enormous benefits of using this hydrating product. You're sure that your skin's not being stripped of its natural oils further even as you cleanse because it has ingredients that seal in moisture effectively. After you cleanse, you can bring hydration to the next level by moisturizing right away with the same product. This is how your skin's natural barrier recovers in as little as two weeks or so, those who have tried it, say.

Trusted by Many

Some have been sufferers of extreme dry skin conditions such as cracked skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and such for many years until they stumbled upon this product. Imagine the relief they felt, especially those who had to use steroid creams and put up with the side effects, when they noticed that their skin was responding well to this unlikely hero. Unburdened by a potent cure for only 10.99 pounds!  The key, they say, is consistently using this product. Among the common practices which worked for them were :

  • Cleansing exclusively with this product worked wonders. It helped prevent further skin damage against those who used other products for cleansing.
  • Smoothing it liberally on the skin with a gentle massage for 15 minutes daily. In 2 weeks, their skin showed significant improvements. Their skin became smooth and softer. Blotches, rashes, and other dry skin symptoms were addressed effectively.
  • Moisturizing with it twice daily brought great relief. The itching, dryness, stinging, and soreness associated with dry skin woes generally decreased in as little as 1-2 days.
  • Keeping it as part of their skincare regimen made skin recovery possible.

Other skin conditions that responded well to this cream are:

  • Rosacea
  • Keratosis Pilaris
  • Impetigo
  • Skin allergy due to weather change
  • Nappy rashes
  • Cradle cap
  • Sunburn

Versatile Emollient Cream

One wonders how, for its price, it's able to treat all kinds of dry skin conditions effectively. What's more, it's so gentle that it goes well with all skin types that even babies can enjoy. This cream is the one cradle cap and nappy rash treatment Mums swear by. Being hypoallergenic and parabens-free also makes it a must-have for health buffs who love to pamper their skin with a pre and post fitness soothing cream. It's fit for everyday use too, so it works fantastic as a protective emollient to, for instance,  prevent dry winter skin. I can go on and on about its benefits, but it's better to read it for yourself. Click on the image below to access all the wonders made possible by this amazing product.

epaderm cream properties

Epaderm cream is made by Molnlycke, a world leader in medical solutions. It has been around since 1849 and has a presence in 100 countries as a trusted provider of proven safe, effective, and affordable products.