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Gucci Bamboo Review: Best UK Offers

Gucci Bamboo Review

You might have heard that "Two things make women unforgettable, their tears and their perfume." We take this concept very seriously; after all, who does not want to be unique. Today, We will share a complete review of one of the Famous articles, "Gucci Bamboo," from a leading fashion brand, "Gucci."

Before you jump to the detailed review, check the best UK offer of Gucci Bamboo.

Gucci Bamboo Background

You have certainly heard about Gucci as a symbol of most covetable ideas. Gucci is a luxury fashion brand known for its creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation. Founded in Florence in 1921, it is one of the leading brands in bags and fragrances. Guccio Gucci introduced the Gucci Bamboo series for the 1st time in 1947. It was one of the most successful experiments in bags, and it was endorsed by big names such as Lady Diana, Beyoncé, Carla Bruni, and Rosie Huntington.

Carrying the same legacy, Gucci added a floral woody fragrance in 2015 with the name "Gucci Bamboo" in its bamboo series of bags. Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum is practical for day-to-day use. You can also show compassion to your loved ones with the Gucci Bamboo gift set. Gucci envisions a woman sharing the critical characteristics of bamboo: flexibility and strength. It claims to magnify her inner strength, natural confidence, and commanding character. I am going to dig deep into how valid this claim is in this Gucci Bamboo review. 

There is no doubt Gucci has got the brand power, and everything launched by such a powerful brand would be worth it. However, one has one's personalized needs and preferences above the brand name. Moreover, in such a multitude of options within the same brand, why this particular one? So, in the following section of this review, we are going to know why Gucci Bamboo.

How do we rate Gucci Bamboo out of 5?

As we said earlier, Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum is a relatively new fragrance among Gucci fragrances matching their iconic Bamboo line. The Bamboo line previously consisted of bags with bamboo-made handles. Later on, they released watches with bamboo themes.

Gucci Bamboo Review

Appearance 4.3/5

As they say, "Diamonds are girl's best friend" Gucci coined it really very well in Gucci Bamboo packing. This fragrance comes in a chic transparent flacon shaped like a precious diamond. The lid has studded ends and is shaped like an abstraction of bamboo. The liquid is slightly pink, which brings a touch of femininity. Well, that is all; there is nothing more except a silver lid that justifies the name bamboo. That is why I rated the appearance 4.3/5.

Fragrance Profile 4.7/5

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum smells luxurious and posh in a low-key way from the opening till it dries down. It truly represents the complexity and essence of femininity and her character. The fragrance notes have a woody base suggesting a citrusy opening with a floral heart. Here is how it smells;

Top Notes:

Heart Notes

  • Ylang-ylang,
  • Orange Blossom,
  • Casablanca Lily.

Base Notes

  • Amber,
  • Sandalwood,
  • Tahitian Vanilla.

Right after you open the lid, it gives you a sweet and citrusy punch. Then you are caressed with the sophistication of Bergamot during the first whiff. Then you wonder what is to come up next. From citrusy green flavour, it smoothly transitions to more floral.

As Casablanca lily reveals the flower facet, Orange blossom balances it by keeping its sweet and light-hearted odour. Ylang-ylang is not overpowering yet gives a sensual touch to it. The scent eventually wraps in the woody aroma of sandalwood and amber, and it becomes a demi-sweet vanilla scent with white flowers.

Gucci Bamboo stays pleasant throughout. It is an incredible compliment to your daily wear, having an office-friendly and crowd-pleaser tone.

Pricing and packing 4.6/5

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 75ml. The price for 75 ml is around £57.45, including tax at the local pharmacy online that gives the best UK offers on perfumes. Availability in three different packings makes it accessible for many of us. You can try by getting the small packing of 30 ml, and if you like it, you can order the larger one next time. From the price point of view, it is not that expensive and easily affordable compared to other fragrances from similar brands.

Final thoughts

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum is for you if you like low-key fragrances while keeping the posh feminine touch. The perfect floral and woody blend is not very loud. A slight sweet vanilla-based floral scent at once reaches a woody but not musky dry down. So, it will not be a head-turner but will bring you complements from your close ones. A Gucci Bamboo gift set will be a perfect choice to show your love to someone you adore. We hope you find this Gucci Bamboo review helpful.

Gucci Bamboo Eau De Parfume For Her 75ml