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How to use Argan Oil on your Hair: Healthy Hair Tips

How to use Argan Oil on your Hair: Healthy Hair Tips

In today’s time, people are so conscious of their faces that they often forget and rarely take time aside to take care of their hair. After your face, the second thing people notice is your hair. A well-brushed and shiny hair always leaves a great impression that enhances your personality. Besides, maintaining a good hair routine will protect it from all kinds of damage, such as hair fall.

Many celebrities and influencers often do paid promotions to promote any hair product such as shampoo or oil, so many blindly follow them. Instead, before using any product, you must recognize your hair type and the problem you face. Based on that, you have to select the right products.

A range of factors is accountable for causing hair concern. You can get hair fall due to stress, deficiency of nutrients, pregnancy, etc. Other problems such as split ends, dandruff, and itchiness are also common due to lack of care. Therefore, studying your hair type and selecting the right product will help you eliminate the issue.

People also love to spend a lot of money on salons and expensive treatments. But is it worth going out and spending a fortune when you can get the same result in the comfort of your home without paying such a huge amount? Yes, you read that right. Doing regular trimming of your hair, washing your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner, and applying hair masks and serums regularly will give you that smooth and shiny hair. Another most impressive way to improve the texture of your hair is to incorporate Argan oil in your hair care routine.How to use Argan Oil on your Hair: Healthy Hair Tips

Argan oil, also known as a rare and precious ingredient, is one of the most famous products for your hair. This oil provides deep nourishment cellular oxygenation to your hair as it has vitamin E, Vitamin A, and many antioxidants. If you are thinking about using Argan Oil for Hairthis article has got you covered.

Many people are not aware, but they put a lot of strain on their hair by exposing it to the sun, increasing pollution, dust, frequently using hair spray and providing heat, etc. All these are the primary causes that bring dullness to your hair while enfeebling the roots. 

Even the day-to-day activity such as brushing your hair harshly, washing them in hot water, smoking, washing them every day with shampoo, etc., are some reasons that can damage your hair. It is therefore advised by experts to use argan oil on your hair.

Most common methods to use argan oil for your hair

  • Hair Mask

You can create your homemade hair mask by combining two oils. One is argan oil, while the other can be coconut oil. The amalgamation of both the oil is one of the added perks that your hair can enjoy. You can also add castor oil with argan oil that will promote the growth of your hair

  • Scalp treatment

Massaging your scalp with argan oil regularly will improve blood circulation and control the oil production in the scalp.

  • Using hair oil
If you have dry hair, applying Argan oil will forever change your hair texture. The oil, when applied to dry hair, makes your hair glossy while detangling them. You can take a few drops in the palm and gently rub them against your hair. The result will be a lovely glossy finish without any frizz.


Upon knowing how to use Argan Oil for Hair, you must be curious about which brand provides the best argan oil. Stay rest assured because one of the most popular brands that produce argan oil is Fushi Really Good Hair Oil Revitalising Hair Treatment. It combines:

  • Morrocan and Virgin coconut oil to smoothen your hair while making it more robust.
  • Avocado and almond oil will give the required moisture and a glossy look to the hair.
  • Ayurvedic herbs such as Neem and Brahmi. Since Brahmi is rich in antioxidants, it helps to prevent discolouration of hair and strengthen the roots. Besides, Neem helps to fight all the bacteria to keep the scalp clean.How to use Argan Oil on your Hair: Healthy Hair Tips

Benefits of Argan oil for hair

  • Forestall frizzy hair and adds shine 

If you have indomitable hair that always turns into a curly one, then you must replace your conditioner with Argan oil. This oil will also prevent split ends and further damage to your air. Besides, you can also use argan oil even if you don’t have specific hair issues to make them look shinier and smooth.

  • Eradicate dandruff from your hair

Having dandruff can be quite annoying and embarrassing at the same time. Thanks to the Argan oil, it helps to remove dandruff effectively due to the presence of Vitamin E and other essential antioxidants and fatty acids. It provides deep nourishment to the scalp to prevent dryness and, thus, dandruff.

  • Say goodbye to hair loss.

A majority of folks are currently facing hair fall problems in general. Be it due to pollution, lack of moisture, nutrition deficiency, stress, etc., it is essential to take measures to stop hair fall. Incorporating Argan oil in your hair care routine will strengthen your hair from its roots and stimulate hair growth while providing nourishment.

  • Protects hair from sun damage

Not only your skin, but your hair too, needs to be protected from the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your hair in various ways. It can cause discolouration, brittle strands, thinning of hair, split ends, and other hair issues. Therefore it is necessary to create a barrier between your hair and the sun to keep it healthy and strong.

 How to use Argan Oil on your Hair: Healthy Hair Tips