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The Benefits of Avocado Oil for your Hair

The Benefits of Avocado Oil for your Hair

Thick, luscious, silky, strong hair with a healthy scalp- who does not want that? But, environmental aggressors, excessive heat and experimental styling with chemical products can leave our hair damaged, rough and lifeless. Using hair products like shampoos, serums may not work as you think it should. The only thing you might think that will work is magic.

There is nary a solution that nature can't offer. While you are struggling with your damaged and brittle hair, there is a magical fruit packed with all the nutrition you need is languishing in your fruit basket.

Lo and behold, and say hello to your hair's new best friend, Avocado. Extracted oils from the thick, fatty flesh of fresh avocados will bestow you with the hair you will love. The opulence of vitamin A, D, E and the lithe union of natural and healthiest fats is what makes Avocado oil a great option you can choose for your hair. Avocado oil is light in texture. It is loaded with monosaturated fats, making the oil easily penetrable into the scalp and seal the hair follicles to prevent the hair from breakage.

Here are the benefits of avocado oil for hair:

  • Retain Moisture

The more moisture locked into your hair and scalp, the more tangible your hair is. Jam-packed with oleic acid and monosaturated fats, avocado oil will not only nourish your hair -it will retain moisture into your scalp, making your hair visibly healthy and strong.

  • A strong shield against dandruff and psoriasis:

Dandruff is a household name for everyone who has flaky and dry scalp, and dehydrated and flaky scalp can result in psoriasis. Coating your hair and scalp with lightweight, enriched in vitamins avocado, is an easy and cheap yet fruitful treatment you can receive without buying a lot of medicines. 

  • Detangling hair

Not everyone's hair is the same, and chemicals used in shampoos and other hair products can be proven harsh and dry out your hair; thus, you can experience tangled hair after every wash and brushing the tangled hair can cause hair loss. The benefit of avocado oil lies in retaining the lost moisture in your hair and make your hair manageable and tangle-free.  Apply a small amount of avocado oil to the edge of your hair and brush it. You will find your hairbrush free of any loose hair strand.

  • Ensuring hair growth

 Longer and stronger hair – if it's your dream, then without any question asked, grab a bottle of avocado oil and start to apply it. Avocado is loaded with vitamin D, which crucial for the regrowth of new hair follicles. Split ends also can be a blockage to achieve your dream hair length. Avocado oil can maintain the overall health of your hair from root to tip and can gift you a more vigorous root.

  • Protecting from UV rays

If you think that UV rays can only damage your skin, you could not be more wrong. UV rays can equally do damage to your hair and scalp by making it prone to breakage. Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin E, which can protect against harmful rays.

How to apply avocado oil in hair to enhance its benefits?

  1. Give yourself a long good scalp massage with avocado oil

Scalp massage with oil is always good for blood circulation. Scalp massage with avocado oil can take the hair care game to the next level. As it is a lightweight oil, the scalp absorbs the oil with weighing down your hair. You may follow the tips for massaging the avocado oil:

  • Take a generous amount of avocado oil according to your hair length in a bowl. Pour a tiny amount in the palm of your hand or dab your fingers in the oil.
  • Start to apply in a circular motion with your fingertips by separating your hairs into small section so that you can ensure that the entire scalp is fully covered. Or you can always use root applicators to reach the roots far better.
  • You can always avoid applying oil to your hair lengths. But if you wish to cover your hair length, gently take more oil and work it down to the lengths after applying it to the scalp.
  • You can leave the overnight to ensure proper penetration under the skin. If you wish, you can rinse your hair 30-40 minutes after applying. No matter whatever option you choose, silky soft hair is the ultimate result.
  1. Hair mask

Mixing with other preferred essential oils according to your hair concerns and using it as a mask is also a popular option. Not only it enhances avocado oil's benefits for hair, but it also makes sure that all the other concerns are taken well care of. Popular options that you can pick are:

  1. a) Mixing tea tree oil and avocado oil can fight off dandruff.
  2. b) Who does not know how beneficial egg yolk can be? Take 1 egg yolk, honey and a generous amount of avocado oil and mix it well. Cover your hair with the mixture and rinse it after 30 minutes. Voila! You will be unable to take your hands off your gorgeous, silky smooth hair.

avocado hair mask

3. A great replacement of conditioner

As avocado oil is filled with antioxidants and minerals, it can easily replace conditioners made with chemicals. Shampoos can leave you with dry hair; Avocado can be used as an intensive condition in this case. After applying shampoo, take up a small amount of oil and run your fingers through hair and find tangible hair in minutes.


 The Benefits of Avocado Oil for your Hair

Amused by all the avocado oil's benefits for hair and at the same time worried about where to find this hair magician and holy grail avocado oil near you? Say no more! Grab a bottle of  Fushi Avocado Organic Oil Virgin Fresh-Pressed 100ml. It's easily absorbent and lightweight, loaded with C, A, B6, Magnesium, Lecithin and Potassium to maintain proper hydration and regeneration of hair follicles. Extend a bottle to your friends and family as a token of love and care.