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UK Supplements: Psyllium Husk Powder Health Benefits

UK Supplements: Psyllium husk powder Health Benefits

Constipation, bloating, irregular bowel movement are some of the digestive health problems as common as flu. There may be dozens of medicines and laxatives are lying on your counter, but there is an inexpensive supplement that can be an over-the-counter product whenever your stomach is upset. First, let me introduce you to psyllium husk powder. Psyllium husk powder is derived from psyllium, known as Plantago seed, by grinding the husk or outer shell into fine powder.

All fibre found in various foods are great for your stomach health, but psyllium husk powder is different based on its goodness and how gently it treats your stomach and overall supports a healthy digestive system. Psyllium husk powder is powered with soluble fibre. Soluble fibre passes down through your digestive tract and quickly absorbed by the wall of your small intestine. Moreover, psyllium husk powder boasts a gentle laxative effect, so you don't feel plugged after eating.

Many of us consume psyllium husk powder as a good fibre supplement, but it has manifold ranges of goodness to help you with various kinds of health problems, including:

  1. Diarrhea 
  2. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  3. High blood pressure
  4. High cholesterol 
  5. Increased Appetite

Psyllium husk can be consumed in various form. In the UK, psyllium husk powder has been gaining popularity for those with digestive issues.

So let's check out how psyllium husk powder can benefit us.

  • Ease out constipation

Metamucil, a compound that treats constipation, is actively found in psyllium husk powder. It contributes to the swelling of stool by increasing water in it and gives the stool gel-like consistency for easy passage.

According to a recent study, consuming 5.1 grams worth of psyllium husk powder for consecutive two weeks has a significant impact on the weight of stools and the number of bowel movements that relieves chronic constipation. 

  • Lowering the cholesterol 

Hypercholesterolemia, or high cholesterol, affects half of the adult population in the UK. LDL cholesterol often referred to as 'bad' cholesterol in the blood, narrows down the artery, leading to chronic heart disease. However, as per Heart UK, reducing a small percentage of 5% of LDL cholesterol can lower the number of heart attacks in the UK each year.

So, to have a healthy heart and increase your life expectancy, lowering the cholesterol in the blood is a must. 

Metamucil is a potent compound found in psyllium husk powder that can reduce LDL cholesterol. In addition, psyllium husk powder has a unique ability to filter bile acid to break the existing LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream to make up for the deficiency. 

  • Blood sugar control

High blood sugar, generally known as diabetes, has affected a million of the population. In addition, diabetes can be a potential threat to kidneys, eyes and heart diseases. Therefore, it has been of primary importance to national health institutes to manage all the factors of increasing blood sugar.

Researches are in consensus after many studies that psyllium husk powder can lower blood sugar levels and control the associated factors of diabetes. In a particular investigation, a piece of evidence has come to light that the daily recommended consumption of psyllium husk powder for eight weeks has a significant improvement on the glucose level. 

Impressively, a similar study claims that psyllium husk powder is an essential factor in reducing sugar level by 29%. Thus, both studies reassure the positive impact of psyllium husk with solid evidence. 

  • Suppressing appetite and aid to lose weight 

The UK is grappling with thousands of cases of severe obesity. For this reason, the department of health is not leaving any stone unturned to encourage people to control their calorie intake for a better and healthier life. Obesity is a complex process, and its cure is even more complicated. However, an effortless way is to cut off the extra calories is to reduce food intake. Unfortunately, reducing food intake frequency without a proper manner can also harm internal organs. That's why an intelligent move to fight obesity is to reduce hunger. A spoonful of Psyllium husk powder would do the job by swelling inside the stomach and give the feeling of fullness and boost satiety so that one can avoid overindulgence while eating.

Interesting evidence has come out from a research that consuming psyllium husk powder before meal suppresses the appetite, which consequently affects obesity

  • Cures IBS

Maintain an overall healthy gut environment is the primary cure for IBS. Doctors suggest fibre fortified foods improve our gut bacteria as well as the whole digestive tract. However, not all types of fibre are gut-friendly. There are insoluble fibres that are fermentable which can provoke IBS syndrome by adding bulk to stool. Psyllium husk powder is dense in soluble fibre that alleviates the symptoms of IBS. For this reason, psyllium husk powder has been touted as a 'go to' solution for curing IBS.

Who should watch out for the intake of psyllium husk powder?

While adding fibre rich food such as psyllium husk powder, it should be kept in mind to take an adequate amount of water and fluids to avoid gas, bloating, flatulence and other digestive issues.

People suffering from bowel obstructions and spasms should avoid psyllium husk powder and ask for doctor consultation for a better substitute of fibre. Additionally, patients under a prescribed medication for kidney disease may not be able to consume psyllium supplements.

Where to find psyllium husk powder in the UK?

Now you can find 100% plant-derived psyllium husk powder near your hand in the UK. Try out KIKI Health Organic Psyllium Husks from the local pharmacy website at the best price available in the UK. 100% soluble fibre rich KIKI psyllium husk powder can be your regular dietary supplement to ensure a better digestive system for you and your family.

UK Supplements: Psyllium husk powder Health Benefits