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What’s the Best Nappy Rash Cream in the Market?

What’s the Best Nappy Rash Cream in the Market?

If there’s one thing that a new mum and a long-time mum have in common, it’s - not settling for less when it comes to every product they use on their babies. All products from head to toe must be the best. What does “the best” looks like when it comes to the best nappy rash creams? One that makes your baby smile in no time because the product works!

If you’ve switched nappy cream brands time and again and nothing seems to work, take a look at the ingredients. We often skip this list because we think it’s just a nappy cream, just like all other nappy creams. Wrong.

There are two kinds of nappy rash cream; one is more preventative and the other curative. The first type can be used with frequent nappy change and can treat mild nappy rash. The second one has antibacterial and antifungal agents for severe nappy rash, like when it spreads to the tummy or back or when skin swells and is broken. It would also be a perfect treatment for babies with problematic skin.

So, the best nappy rash cream would be one that best suits your baby’s case. If your baby has dry skin and is prone to getting irritated,  you might have to opt for a product that offers added protection against infection. Otherwise, a preventative nappy rash cream would be fine if it’s just to keep a barrier to make your baby feel comfortable after every nappy change.

Either way, the best preventative and curative nappy rash creams are those without these harmful ingredients:

  • Benzyl alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Sodium Borate
  • Petroleum Products
  • PEG
  • Phthalates

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If you’re looking for relief from both dry skin and nappy rash, we have the perfect product for you.  Try Unguentum M.  It’s non-greasy and provides maximum protection against irritation and infection while it helps rehydrate your baby’s natural skin barrier.

It is formulated with liquid paraffin and light soft paraffin. These combos of oils serve as an efficient barrier for utmost skin protection. They also do a great job at trapping moisture in the skin’s natural barrier helping the skin recuperate over time.

It also contains sorbic acid, which has an antibacterial effect. This is a health plus and a must-have in nappy creams for babies with dry skin. It’s also non-greasy, so your baby would love its non-icky feel on his skin.  To check out this product, just click on the image below.

Once you find the product that suits your baby best, half the job is done. The next half would be to make sure you do everything necessary to help your baby’s skin heal quickly.

Here are 11 ways to fast track the treatment of your baby’s nappy rash:  

  1. Change diapers as often as possible. The less contact with potential irritants, the better.
  2. Leave some breathing space for the skin when diapering. Ensuring the nappy’s not too tight will prevent a nappy rash from getting irritated.
  3. Beware of loose nappies. Check on his nappies from time to time to ensure that it fits just right. Loose nappies have been one of the causes of rashes spreading further.
  4. When cleaning the area, use baby wipes only if you’ve checked the ingredients in them. Make sure they don’t have harsh chemicals that trigger rashes in the first place.
  5. Avoid using bath soap, bubble bath, and body wash. They are drying and filled with skin irritants.
  6. Do look for alternative natural cleansing products for dry, sensitive skin. Using them on your baby is just like using pure water but better.
  7. Give your baby’s skin some TLC by gently cleaning the nappy area.
  8. Avoid using talcum powder. It’s a potential skin irritant and may trigger an allergy.
  9. Watch what you feed your baby. Stay away from food that can make their poo and urine acidic and aggravate his nappy rash.
  10. Consider using a laundry detergent that’s natural and baby safe.
  11. Give your baby a soothing bath using a moisturizing bath emollient. This will fast-track the healing of his natural barrier and his nappy rash.
  12. You may also try an oatmeal bath to help with the itching and pain, particularly during summer and winter.
  13. Allow his skin to breathe. Let him have a time out from diapers daily. It will help his skin heal fast.
  14. Make your baby laugh often. Studies reveal that laughter truly is the best medicine. In some of the trials done, allergy sufferers have been observed to display improved skin conditions within hours of watching a funny movie. If your baby has an infectious laugh, chances are, you’ll be laughing your way to better skin too.

With most vigilant mums, the nappy rash often clears out in a few days. If it’s not getting better, do consult your doctor. As a precautionary measure, always do your research before trying new products on your baby. There are downloadable apps that check the ingredients of products. Using them will make your job easier. Reading reviews and tips is a great deal too. Don’t forget to get your GP’s opinion, especially with products that have active ingredients in them.

Lastly, you might want to go with your intuition when it comes to your baby’s health. Sometimes, the best products are the ones mums choose intuitively.

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