Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel 6g

Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel 6g

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Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel contains salicylic acid which gently removes the infected skin tissue - eliminating the virus.


Bazuka Extra strength Treatment 26% w/w Gel extra strength treatment for verrucas and warts. Unique formulation. Once daily application. Designed to inhibit spread of the verruca/warts infection.Forms a water-resistent, protective barrier.

The pain-free gel dries to form a water resistant, protective barrier to inhibit the spread of infection. ONCE daily application

How to Use:

For adults, elderly and children over 2 years (children under 12 years should be treated by an adult).

Not recommended in children under 2 years.

Carefully apply a thin coating (1 or 2 drops) of the gel to the surface of the verruca or wart, once every night and allow to dry.


Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid 26.0% w/w

Also Contains: Camphor, Povidone, Proxylin, Ethanol, Acetone

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