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Pharma Evelle 60 tablets

Pharma Evelle 60 tablets

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Evelle for Skin, Hair and Nails is a unique combined nutritional supplement specially formulated with the essential nutrients zinc and biotin, which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and hair. Evelle for Skin, Hair and Nails also contains the patented, organic selenium yeast, SelenoPrecise that contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.


Vitamins C and E, selenium, and zinc all contribute to the protection of body cells from oxidative stress from free radicals. Free radicals, generated within the body as well as by exposure to environmental toxins and UV light, damage the skin by degrading collagen and elastin; these are the proteins responsible for maintaining the structure and elasticity of skin, causing premature ageing through formation of lines and wrinkles. By using Evelle for Skin, Hair and Nails you will be able to slow down wrinkles support a smooth and supple skin maintain healthy hair and healthy nails.

Why Pharma Nord Evelle for Skin, Hair and Nails:

  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Contains natural substances proven to benefit the condition of skin, hair and nails.
  • Supported by an independent double blind, placebo controlled trial. Trial showed that after 12 weeks the skin of the women in the Evelle group was smoother and more elastic.

How to Use

2 tablets daily swallowed with a glass of water, preferably during a meal. 
Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.

Hazards and Cautions
No known drug contraindications or adverse effects.

Pregnant or lactating women and those on medication should consult a doctor before using any product.


Microcrystalline cellulose, marine cartilage extract, horsetail, tomato extract, ascorbic acid, zinc gluconate, selenium yeast standardized, coating agent hypromeliose, acetate of d-tocopherol, bilberry extract and maritime pine, coating agent , talc, dyes, titanium dioxide lycopene, firming, silicon dioxide, anti-caking, magnesium salts of fatty acids, color, lutein, aroma, vanillin, dye, mixed carotenoids, D-biotin.

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