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Viridian Joint Complex 90 Capsules

Viridian Joint Complex 90 Capsules

Collection: Joint Health
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This complex is based on the latest reasearch on joint pain and inflammation.


Synergistic blend of nutrients appropriate for the maintenance of healthy and mobile joints. The vegan source of glucosamine in this formula is Aspergillus niger.Take daily alongside Viridian's Joint Omega Oil for the optimum in joint health nutritional support.Viridian's Organic Jointment Balm can be applied topically.

  • Glucosamine is essential for maintenance of joint tissues. Within joints glucosamine is incorporated into the connective tissue matrix of cartilage, ligaments and tendons and has been shown to inhibit inflammation commonly associated with osteoarthritis.
  • Osteoarthritic pain and joint stiffness may also be relieved by Boswellia.Another key component of this joint support supplement is Ester C which is essential for maintaining joint structures and may reduce the risk of cartilage loss.
  • This complex also contains L-Proline which is converted by the body into collagen which is an essential component of healthy joints.
  • Viridian's joint complex also contains Turmeric, Quercetin, Bromelain, Ginger root and Manganese have all been used traditionally to reduce inflammation and swelling.

One vegetarian capsule provides:
Glucosamine HCL (vegan) 500mg, Boswellia serrata 50mg, Ester-C 50mgk,L-Proline 50mg,Turmeric 25mg,Quercetin 25mg,Bromelain (1200 gdu/gm) 25mg,Ginger root 25mg,Manganese (ascorbate) 1mg.

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