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Covid Test to Travel in London

Choose your nearest Covid test center in London


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Fit to Fly Test: £85.00
Rapid Antigen Test: £35.00
Same Day PCR Test: £130.00 

Covid Test to Travel in London


If you plan to travel soon and need to get your Covid-19 test done we are here to help.
You can now get your Covid Test before you travel done in one of our 3 Locations in London.
Our Covid-19 PCR test is UK government approved for “Fit to Travel” and “Test to Release”. It can tell if you are currently infected with coronavirus. By using PCR technology, it detects SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) precisely.

 Entire process done on site in one of our Pharmacies with 24 hours results Guaranteed

** Fit to Travel certificates is included **
Fit to Fly Test: £85.00
Rapid Antigen Test: £35.00
Same Day PCR Test: £130.00
PCR testing methodology
Real-time PCR is an incredibly accurate way of detecting of SARS-COV-2 the virus which causes Covid-19.
Regulated by the CQC
Our test kit and laboratory analyses follow the strict Care Quality Commission guidelines, so you are guaranteed high quality results. It also fulfils the requirements for travel Covid-19 tests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this test approved by the UK Government for Days 2 & 8 Mandatory testing?

Yes, we are an approved provider for Day 2 & 8 PCR testing by the UK government.

How can I get my booking reference number to add on my passenger locator form?

After you've completed your test with us, you will receive a call with instructions on what do next in preparation for your Day 2 & 8 COVID  PCR testing.


Does the test check for past COVID-19 infection?

This test can only detect current Covid-19 infection.