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50:50 White Soft Paraffin 250g

50:50 White Soft Paraffin 250ml

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50 50 Paraffin restores skin's smoothness, softness and flexibility by helping the skin to retain moisture.


50 50 Paraffin is used to help relieve the irritation caused by dry skin conditions.

In dry skin conditions, the body’s ability to produce skin oils can be disrupted. This leads to skin losing moisture, and not being protected from irritants. 50 50 Paraffin contains paraffin, which smoothes over skin and creates a barrier layer. This layer helps to protect from irritants, giving skin time to heal, and locks moisture into the skin, preventing it from drying out.

50 50 paraffin is suitable for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and all other dry skin conditions.

50 50 paraffin helps the skin retain more moisture and help with the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and all other dry skin conditions.

Emollients are moisturising treatments applied directly to the skin to soothe and hydrate it. They cover the skin with a protective film to trap in moisture.

50 50 paraffin is ideal for very dry, thickened skin and night-time use as it is very thick and extremely moisturising.

Product free from: Fragrances, Colourings, Additives or Preservatives.

To use this 50 50 paraffin, apply a thin layer to any affected areas of the skin. To prevent hair follicle irritation, apply in the direction of growth for the hairs.

If you're using a steroid cream or another treatment for your skin condition, wait at least 30 minutes after putting on your emollient before applying it.

Dry Skin relief.

Apply soft paraffin as often as required to soothe and hydrate the skin (& lips).

How to use

Suitable for use on children and adults. Ensure hands are clean before using. Massage on to skin as often required. Apply to the skin as often as required. Suitable for frequent all over body use.


Liquid Paraffin BP 50% w/w, White Soft Paraffin BP 50% w/w.

Product Reference
  • 250g: OINT001

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