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AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz 50 Blood Glucose Test Strips

AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz 50 Blood Glucose Test Strips

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Jazz WaveSense Test Strips are test strips which work with the WaveSense Jazz meters in order to provide, across a range of environments and conditions, highly accurate results.


AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz Test Strips have a small sample size, quick fill, fastest test time of 5 seconds and WaveSense's dynamic measuring technology.

  • Accurate with latest measuring technology.
  • Only to be used with WaveSense meters.
  • Small sample size.

AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz Test Strips are designed to be used with your Jazz WavesSense blood glucose monitor, helping you to monitor your diabetes whenever you need to. The simple testing system helps you to monitor your blood glucose levels fast, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. This product contains 50 test strips, in 2 boxes of 25 strips.

Blood glucose meters, such as the Jazz WaveSense meter, help you to monitor your blood glucose levels by providing a quick and easy blood test. When you put a drop of blood onto the Jazz WaveSense Test Strip that is inserted into the meter, the meter uses an electrical current to see how much glucose in your blood has reacted with the testing strip. This is how these meters work out your blood glucose levels.

It is recommended that you only use these test strips with compatible AgaMatrix meters and for any other brand, use the compatible strips for that particular meter.

How to use

For self-testing.
Tightly re-cap the vial of test strips immediately after taking any test strip out.
For the quantitative measurement of glucose in capillary whole blood.
Only use with an Jazz WaveSense or AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz Wireless Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.

Test Strip contains Glucose oxidase (Aspergillus niger)(2.7 IU)

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