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Always Discreet Underwear Normal Large 10 Pants

Always Discreet Underwear Normal Large 10 Pants

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Always Incontinence Pants are super-absorbent underwear that has RapidDry technology to help lock away bladder leaks and odours in seconds.


The Double LeakGuards help stop leaks where they happen most and have 360° FormFit shape for a smooth and comfortable fit.

  • Low rise pants.
  • Large: 92-125cm.
  • Lightly scented to tackle odours.
  • Thin triple layer core traps and locks away wetness and odour.
  • Soft cotton like fabric.
How to use

Wear like regular underwear.
The bow indicates the front.
Tear sides to remove.
Throw away in a bin.
Do not wash.

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