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Bic Twin Lady Sensitive 5 Razors

Bic Twin Lady Sensitive 5 Razors

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A BIC classic, the BIC Twin Lady razor for women is one of our originals first introduced in 1994.


The fixed non-pivoting head on this non-refillable razor is nice and slim for precision in those delicate hard-to-reach areas - and that means a shave that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

You’ll always know which one is yours by choosing from 5 different springtime pastel colours on the handles (blue, green, pink, orange, purple), designed to be slender and easy to control.

Each BIC razor is made in Europe in BIC’s own state-of-the-art plants to provide you the legendary BIC art of a dependable shave. Trusted BIC quality and value for over 40 years.

  • Pack of 5 Disposable Razors.
  • Twin bladed.
  • Ideal for travelling.
How to use

To get the most from your Twin Lady Sensitive, prepare your skin with a shaving cream or gel like Soleil Mini Gel, shave in the direction your hair grows and moisturize once your done

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