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BlephaGel 30g

BlephaGel 30g

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Blephagel 30g, a hypoallergenic sterile gel for daily hygiene and cleaning of eyelids and eyelashes.


Blephagel works by gently removing mucous and debris from irritated, damaged or sensitive eyelids.
Eyelid hygiene is recommended if you have Blepharitis, dry eye, eye and eyelid damage due to acne rosacea (disease of the skin on the face which causes redness), Seborrheic dermatitis (disease of the skin which redness and scaly skin).

  • Hypoallergenic, sterile gel.
  • refreshes, softens and soothes eyelids.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Non greasy.
  • Can be used by contact lens wearers.
How to use

Product intended to be applied on the eyelids and eyelashes, not be applied in the eye.
throw away the tube after 8 weeks after first opening.

Use Blephagel twice daily morning and evening, or as many times as eyelids need cleaning.

When first using press the front of the tube (on the Thea logo) for three seconds, to push the gel towards the pump. next, point the tube downwards and prime the pump by pressing the head three times.

  1. Apply a small amount of Blephagel on a pad.
  2. In front of a mirror, with your eye closed, delicately apply the pad on eyelids and lash roots.
  3. Gently and repeatedly rub eyelids and eyelash roots with the pad in small circular movements until all residues are removed.
  4. Remove left over Blephagel with a pad.
  5. repeat every step for the other eye using a clean pad.

Aqua, Poloxamer 188, PEG-90, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide.

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