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Carnation Finger & Toe Bandage 4 Metre Roll

Carnation Finger & Toe Bandage 4 Metre Roll

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  • Conformable tubular bandage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cut to size.
  • Contains 4 metre roll.
  • Protects finger and toe injuries 
  • Easy and quick to cut to size and apply
  • Can be used as a closed finger or toe bandage or for more support as a finger stall
How to use

1. Ensure the injured finger or toe is clean and cover with a sterile dressing if required.
2. Cut a length of tubular bandage around two and a half times the length of the finger or toe.
3. The bandage is best applied with an applicator.
Place tubular bandage over the applicator and place over finger or toe.
4. Hold the end of the bandage in place with your finger or thumb while sliding the applicator to the end of the finger or toe and twist through a complete turn (360 degrees).
5. Move the applicator back over the finger or toe applying the remaining bandage and remove applicator.
6. The end of the bandage can be fastened in place with tape for extra security.

Applicator not included.

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