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Covonia Herbal Mucus Cough Syrup 150ml

Covonia Herbal Mucus Cough Syrup 150ml

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Covonia Mucus Cough Oral Solution is used for the effective relief of troublesome Mucus Cough.


Covonia Mucus Cough Oral Solution. Covonia Herbal Mucus Cough Syrup is very effective in providing relief from the symptoms of coughs and colds. It contains Levomenthol, Liquid Liquorice Extract, and Sqill Tincture. Effective expectorants help remove mucus (phlegm) in patients with chest congestion caused by mucus secretion. This cough syrup is non-drowsy.

Suitable for: Adults and Children over the age of 5 years.

How to use

Dose: For Oral Use Only

Adults, the elderly and children over 12 years: Take 1 or 2 x 5ml spoonfuls.

Children 5-12 years: Take 1 x 5ml spoonful.

The dose may be repeated every 4 hours if required.

Not recommended for children under 5 years.


Active Ingredients per 5ml: Levomenthol 4.0mg, Squill Tincture 0.6ml, Liquorice Liquid Extract 0.125ml Also contains: Peppermint Oil, Anise Oil, Capsicum Tincture (Capsicum Oleoresin, Ethanol), Sucrose, Liquid Glucose, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Sodium Methyl, Ethyl and Propyl Hydroxybenzoates (E215, E217, E219), Glycerol (E422) Caramel (E150), Purified Water, Sucrose: 1.53g per 5ml Alcohol: 7.7vol%

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