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Cura-Heat Neck & Shoulder Pain Direct to Skin - 3 Heat Patches

Cura-Heat Neck & Shoulder Pain Direct to Skin - 3 Heat Patches

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Cura-heat neck and shoulder pain 3 heat patches is able to be applied straight to the skin for those who prefer direct skin application heat therapy.


Cura-Heat Neck and Shoulder Pain delivers 8 hours of soothing heat and provides targeted, temporary warming relief to painful and stiff areas of the neck/shoulder and can also be used on the wrist area. Just open the sachet, unfold the heat patch and apply directly to the skin over the painful area where the heat will increase blood circulation, decrease stiffness and relax sore muscles.

Fragrance free, non-medicinal and with a thin discreet design Cura-Heat Direct to Skin Heat Patches are ideal to use anywhere.

  • Up to 8 hour's of relief.
  • Direct to skin.
  • Used to help relieve pain and tension in the neck and shoulders.
  • Patches are a flexible contouring shape.
  • Reaches maximum heat within 30 minutes.
How to use
  1. Ensure that the skin is dry and clean over the place of application.
  2. Open the sachet by hand (do not cut), remove and unfold the heat patch.
  3. Gently peel away the protective film from both ends on the back of the heat patch.
  4. Apply adhesive side of the heat patch to the skin over the painful area.
  5. After use, slowly peel off the heat patch.
Hazards and Cautions

The heat patch warms up gradually and reaches maximum heat with approximately 30 minutes. The heat patch is air-activated – do not open the sachet until you are ready to use it.
If misused heat patches can cause burns even at low temperature

Follow instructions and monitor frequently. To prevent the risk of burns:

  • Allow air to circulate over the heat patch and do not apply pressure, for example by lying on, or wearing tight clothing over the heat patch.
  • If heat patch becomes uncomfortably hot or a rash develops discontinue use immediately.
  • The heat patch should be used with careful supervision on those unable to remove the product by themselves such as the elderly or physically disabled.
  • Do not use heat patch whilst sleeping.
  • Do not use for more than 8 hours in a 24 hour period.


  • Use heat patch on children 12 years and under.
  • Use heat patch on persons who have experienced allergic reactions with medicines or cosmetics in the past.
  • Use heat patch over an area with the presence of redness, inflammation, over broken/bruised or irritated skin.
  • Use on areas of the body where heat cannot be felt.
  • Use heat patch in conjunction with other creams, rubs or lotions applied to the skin or with/near to other heat sources.
  • Use if you are bedridden or prone to skin ulcers.
  • Knead heat patch – heat is released within minutes.
  • Cut or tear the patch.
  • Microwave or attempt to reheat patch.
  • Bring heat patch into contact with water or other liquids.

Iron, activated carbon and water.

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