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Cymex Cream For Cold Sores 5g

Cymex Cream For Cold Sores 5g

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Cymex Cream is designed to relive painful cold sores and dry cracked lips.


Cymex starts to work from the moment you use it. Cymex cream has a triple action formula that relieves and promotes the healing of painful and unsightly cold sores and dry cracked lips.

Triple action formula:

  • Soothes tingling, burning sensation.
  • Stops crackling lips.
  • Anti-bacterial action controls infection and promotes faster healing.
  • 5g metal screw top tube.
How to use

Apply Cymex cream sparingly every hour as required.


Active ingredients:
Urea B.P. 1.0w/w • Dimeticone 350 B.P.C. 9.0% w/w • Cetrimide B.P. 0.5% w/w • Chlorocresol B.P. 0.1% w/w • Also contains: Paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol, water.

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