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Deep Heat Pain Relief Back Patch - 2 Large Patches

Deep Heat Pain Relief Back Patch - 2 Large Patches

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Deep Heat Patches provide warming relief to help soothe back pain and muscular aches.

  • Contains 2 Extra Large Patches.
  • Provides relief from back pain and muscular aches.
  • Up to 8 hours of warming relief.

These Deep Heat patches are self-heating pads which penetrate your skin to provide relief from back pain and muscular aches. The soothing heat lasts up to 8 hours from application.

The pack contains 2 hinged extra-large patches which are suitable for use on the back and on other large areas.

How to use

Use on clean dry skin. Open the plastic packet, remove the protective film and apply to desired area. The patch will heat up after 5 minutes and remain warm for 8 hours. Do not cut, massage, fold or wet the patch. To remove, slowly peel of the patch. Do not use more than one patch on the same area of skin in 24 hours.

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