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Deep Heat Spray 150ml

Deep Heat Spray 150ml

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Deep Heat Spray is handy aerosol spray version of the traditional Deep Heat Rub.


The Deep Heat Spray design allows it to be applied directly to the affected area without the need for massage, which makes it great for treating hard to reach areas.

Deep Heat Spray can be used before and after exercise or physical activity to help prevent and treat minor sports injuries.

  • Deep Heat Spray offers symptomatic relief of muscular pain, bursitis and tendinitis including rheumatic pain, strains, fibrositis, lumbago and sciatica
How to use
  • Adults and children over 5 years: spray 2-3 short bursts from 6 inches onto affected area
  • Deep Heat Spray is not to be used under 5 years

Deep Heat Spray is an aerosol containing Methyl salicylate 1% w/w, Methyl nicotinate 1.6% w/w, Ethyl salicylate 5% w/w, 2-hydroxyethyl salicylate 5% w/w

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