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Depend Comfort Protect Underwear Women Level 7 Large 9 Pants

Depend Comfort Protect Underwear Women Level 7 Large 9 Pants

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Depend Comfort Protect: Depend Incontinence Underwear for Women come in a soft peach colour and are more flexible so move with you, unlike bulky adult nappies.


Worry-free odour control and specially made to fit the shape of a woman with an underwear-like waistband and oval-cut leg openings.

Depend disposable underwear has FIT-FLEX™ Protection with LYCRA® strands to ensure a smooth, sleek fit for complete discretion.

Depend pants provides overnight protection.

For Women Underwear, pants size Large (95-130cm).

Depend Comfort Protect Pants for Women are shaped specifically for women and include an oval fit leg to ensure a close fit. The addition of LYCRA® strands ensure maximum discretion and comfort, giving the pants the appearance and feel of normal underwear.

The flexible lycra strands provide complete freedom of movement, allowing you to stay active throughout the day during use.

The Depend Comfor Protect have maximum absorbency and special odour control technology, meaning you can relax knowing you are protected against unwanted odour and leaks.

Depend Protect Pants are recommended for those who live a more active lifestyle.

A smooth waistband is included in the product for a soft and comfortable fit throughout the day.

The flexes with legs provide total protection even when you are active, allowing you to go about your day normally.

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