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Dermacool 1% Menthol in Aqueous Cream 100g

Dermacool 1% Menthol in Aqueous Cream 100g

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A cooing soothing aqueous cream that can be used to treat:
Itchy skin • Hives • Dermatitis • eczema • Insect bites, prickly heat • Sun burn •


Dermacool 1% Menthol in Aqueous Cream helps to soothe irritated skin with a cooling effect.

  • 1% Menthol - For everyday irritated skin.
  • Cools, soothes and cares for the skin.

Dermacool 1% Menthol in Aqueous Cream is a product made especially for those with irritated skin. Your skin can become irritated after over-exposure to the sun, contact with an allergen or due to a skin condition such as eczema.

What makes Dermacool different to other aqueous creams is that it contains Menthol. Menthol triggers the cold receptors in the skin which offers soothing and cooling relief. The aqueous cream helps restore natural moisture levels in the skin.

How to use

Apply a thin layer and massage thoroughly into affected areas of the skin.
Apply as often as necessary.


Aqua, White Soft Paraffin, Emulsifying Wax, Paraffinum Liquidum, Menthol (1%), Phenoxyethanol.

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