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Fushi Argan Oil 100ml

Fushi Argan Oil 100ml

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Fushi Argan oil is 100% pure Moroccan Argan oil, cold pressed from the Argan nut that grows in the south western Morocco, where allwomen cooperatives specialise in high quality Argan oil extraction.

The outstanding cosmetic and nutritional qualities of Fushi Argan Oil Organic Virgin can hardly be more diverse: it has an intensive moisturising effect and strengthens the skin’s natural defence. Its natural abundance of vitamin E wards off free radicals and helps protect against wrinkles and fine lines.


The pure, cold-pressed argan oil is extracted from Moroccan argan nuts that are picked by hand. The high-quality oil is then filled into bottles in the UK. Argan oil is valued for its abundance in positive effects it has for the skin and hair. A few drops of argan oil restores suppleness and encourages hair manageability if suffering from hair that is dry and straw-like. Dry and flaky scalp types are nourished and hydrated. Even though argan oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, it still delivers sufficient moisture and regenerates the skin. Antioxidant-rich vitamin A and E provide marvellous anti-aging properties and counteract premature skin aging. The oil is suitable for internal and external use.

Range of application:

  • hair care
  • skincare
  • nail care
  • dental care
  • suitable for internal use

Fushi Argan Oil Fresh-Pressed® 100% pure to nourish both all hair and skin types. dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

Moroccan Argan oil is cold-pressed from the Argan nut kernel that grows in southwestern Morocco, where all-women cooperatives specialise in high quality Argan oil extraction. Instantly absorbing, Argan oil powerfully nourishes both the skin and hair. For hair, it  eliminates frizz, and nourishes dry, damaged hair, restoring shine.  Rich in vitamin E, Argan oil can be used as a leave-in oil for dry ends or used as a conditioning treatment for the hair.

Origin: Morocco

How to Use:

Take 1-3 teaspoons of Fushi Argan Oil daily with food or as directed by a healthcare professional. Can also be drizzled over a salad or blended into a smoothie. Externally it can be massaged into both the skin and hair.


Moroccan Argan Oil, Organic (Argania Spinosa), Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Organic and Fair for Life Certified

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