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Fybogel Lemon Flavour 2x30 sachets

Fybogel Lemon Flavour 2x30 sachets

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Natural Fibre Drink, gently relieves constipation and maintains regularity.


Fybogel Lemon high fibre drink is an easy and convenient way to increase the fibre in your diet helping your digestive system work more efficiently and gently relieving constipation the natural way. Fybogel Lemon works naturally with your body to treat constipation without undue straining, discomfort or unnatural urgency, so helping to restore and maintain regularity.

A lack of fibre in the diet is one of the main causes of bowel irregularity. Fybogel Lemon is high in natural fibre which will help you to restore and maintain your body's regularity.

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