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Glandosane Synthetic Saliva Peppermint Flavour Spray 50ml

Glandosane Synthetic Saliva Peppermint Flavour Spray 50ml

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Glandosane Synthetic Saliva Spray 50ml moistens the mucosa of the mouth, tongue and throat.


This Ozone friendly product provides quick relief of dryness of the mouth or throat. Glandosane can be used as a replacement for natural saliva. It is more effective and longer lasting than drinking or wetting the mouth with water or glycerol.

Glandosane Synthetic Saliva Spray is a colourless, viscous solution with a consistency resembling natural saliva.

Glandosane Synthetic Saliva Spray is an artificial saliva for patients with dryness of the oral mucosa and throat e.g., maintenance of oral hygiene in intensive care units, patients receiving radiotherapy treatment, following oral surgery, during treatments with certain drugs which supress saliva production such as antidepressants and chemotherapy agents.

Glandosane Synthetic Saliva Spray is prescribable on FP10/GP10 for patients suffering from dry mouth as a result of radiotherapy or sicca syndrome.

How to use

Spray Glandosane directly into your mouth or throat for 1 or 2 seconds, using it as often as needed to maintain moistness or as instructed by your physician.


Carboxymethylcellulose, Sodium - 0.5000g, Sorbitol - 1.5000g, Sodium Chloride - 0.0422g, Potassium Chloride - 0.0600g, Calcium Chloride (2 H2O) - 0.0073g, Magnesium Chloride (6 H2O) - 0.0026g, Potassium Mono-Hydrogen Phosphate - 0.0171g, Lemon Flavoring Propellant: Carbon Dioxide (CO2). 

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