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GlucoRx HCT Ketone Test Strips 10pcs

GlucoRx HCT Ketone Test Strips 10pcs

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GlucoRx HCT Ketone Test Strips are used to detect the level of ketones in blood by people with Type 1 diabetes who want to check that their ketone levels don’t get too high, or to monitor whether you are in ketosis or not.


Small blood sample is needed - 1.0µL

Reaction time Up to 10 seconds

Measurement range of 0.1~8.0 mmol/L for Ketone test

Compatible with the GlucoRx HCT & Ketone Blood Glucose Monitoring System, GlucoRx HCT Connect, GlucoRx HCT Connect i and GlucoRx lancets. 

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