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Haylief Hayfever Relief Wipes 10 Wipes - Pack of 2

Haylief Hayfever Relief Wipes 10 Wipes - Pack of 2

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Haylief Hayfever Relief Wipes are a quick, easy-to-use treatment for cleaning the hands and face and remove pollen from the face, the cause of hayfever.


These wipes contain the ingredients tea tree oil and peppermint, which help to remove dirt and excess oils from the skin. Using these wipes will also refresh and soothe the skin.

These wipes can be used daily for the relief of hayfever symptoms such as sneezing. They can also be used to remove dirt and potential irritants on the face and hands. If you are suffering from hayfever, then you should also be using a medical form of treatment to also reduce the symptoms as well.


Active ingredients: 

  • Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree
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