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Hermesetas Mini Sweeteners 1200 Tablets

Hermesetas Mini Sweeteners 1200 Tablets

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Hermesetas Mini Sweeteners provide a 0 calorie alternative sweetener to sugar, with each tablet withholding the sweetening strength of one teaspoon of sugar.

  • Each tablet has the swettening strength of one teaspoon of sugar.
  • 0 calories.
  • No effect on blood glucose or insulin secretion.
  • Suitable for diabetics.
  • Gluten free.
  • Lactose free.
  • Tooth friendly.

Maximum taste.

Ideal for coffee, tea and hot beverages.

Hermesetas mini sweeteners may be tiny but they give you all the sweetness you want in your tea or coffee without any of those unwanted calories. Mini sweeteners with maximum taste. What a great combination

How to use

One Hermesetas tablet (0 KJ) is equivalent in sweetness to one level metric treaspoon of sugar (75 KJ).


Sweetener Sodium Saccharin.

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