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Jean Marie Farina Relaxing Shower Gel 200ml

Jean Marie Farina Relaxing Shower Gel 200ml

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Energise yourself in the shower and let the scent of citrus and flowers transport you to an Italian orchard bursting with fruit. The refreshing Roger & Gallet Jean-Marie Farina shower gel is inspired by the Eau de Cologne of the same name, created by Jean-Marie Farina back in 1806. It envelops your skin in an absolutely timeless, sophisticated yet fresh fragrance and, with its nourishing ingredients, leaves it perfectly clean, soft and smooth.

  • washes the whole of your body gently yet effectively, ridding it of impurities and grease
  • complements the Jean-Marie Farina Eau de Cologne, making the scent last longer
  • invigorates the senses, energises, delivers a feeling of long-lasting freshness
  • moisturises, respects the skin’s natural balance, prevents drying
  • leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple
  • delivers a timeless fresh fragrance with aromatic notes
  • evokes the atmosphere of a sunny Italian garden or orchard
Product Specifications
  • glycerin – moisturises and softens the skin, improves elasticity, prevents dryness
  • aloe vera – nourishes, antioxidant effect, protects against damage, regenerates
  • Jean-Marie Farina perfume – scents the skin with a fresh citrusy, floral fragrance
  • does not contain soap or sulphates
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