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Jean Marie Farina Soap Coffret 3x100g

Jean Marie Farina Soap Coffret 3x100g

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A trio of perfumed bar soaps with a satin appearance. Provides a nice foaming experience to gently cleanse skin. Enriched with essential oils to preserve skin's moisture balance without over-drying. Delicately scented with refreshing citrus notes. Leaves skin smooth & comfortable.


Perfumed Soaps Jean Marie-Farina 3 x 100g allow you to rediscover the perfumes and freshness of an Italian garden, and to imagine lemon and orange trees absorb the sun. Result of a unique manufacturing process, these perfumed soaps owe their fragrance to craft tradition and their infinite softness to the high quality of their composition. These soaps clean the skin, protecting vital functions of this one.

        Product Specifications

        Famous since its origin for its quality and sweetness, Jean Marie Farina soap cleanses the skin very gently.

        Its incomparable recipe takes care of the body through a plant base and a soft and delicately scented foam, which leaves the skin velvety and silky.

        Recognizable among a thousand, its protective tissue paper, with the characteristic radial pleating, is the unique signature of Roger & Gallet's know-how and quality ".

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        SKU: GAM9959902