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Kleenex Ultra Soft 8 Pocket Tissues

Kleenex Ultra Soft 8 Pocket Tissues

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Kleeex Ultra Soft Tissues are simply a pleasure to touch. Specially soft, they feel lovely against your skin.


You deserve a touch of luxury. Kleenex® Ultra Soft is designed with that in mind; it's supremely soft and silky and leaves your skin feeling beautiful. In a handy pocket pack Kleenex® Ultrasoft tissues are always there for you on the go.

Each pack of tissues is sustainably sourced and FSC certified.

Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues - 8 pocket packs with 9 tissues each - 72 tissues total

How to use

Use a tissue only one time. Do not place it into your pocket after use. Remember it has germs, and germs grow in a warm place.

Make sure you wash your hands after you blow your nose it will reduce the virus from spreading.

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