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Lyclear Head Lice Treatment Lotion + Comb 100ml

Lyclear Head Lice Treatment Lotion + Comb 100ml

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Lyclear Head Lice Treatment Lotion is a double action formula which both suffocates and dehydrates head lice and eggs.


Lyclear Head Lice Treatment Lotion has been clinically proven to kill 100% of head lice and eggs in one treatment (incl. Thorough combing). In case of re-infestation or abnormal infestation, treatment needs to be repeated.

  • Easy to apply.
  • Effective in 15 minutes.
  • No odour.
  • No insecticides.

This Lyclear Lotion works by effectively killing the head lice infestation in the hair and scalp. It works thanks to the two active ingredients, mineral oil and dimethicone. These ingredients help to suffocate and dehydrate the lice.

This treatment is suitable to be used by adults and children aged 2 and over. It should not be used by anyone who is allergic to any ingredients contained in the solution.

How to use

1. Check dry hair lock by lock for head lice using a fine toothed anti-lice comb.

2. Shake the bottle of Lyclear Lotion before use. Apply sufficient quantity of Lyclear lotion directly onto dry hair. Work the Lyclear lotion evenly through dry hair, from the roots to tips. Be sure to cover all of the hair and scalp. Massage well, paying particular attention to the neck and the area behind the ears. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

3. Apply a sufficient amount of normal shampoo all over the hair without first wetting it. Now add some water and wash thoroughly. Rinse with warm water.

4. Before drying the hair, comb thoroughly with the enclosed Lyclear anti-lice comb to remove the lice and eggs. Regularly clean the comb to remove any lice or eggs.

5. Check dry hair for head lice again after 7 days. Repeat the treatment if necessary.


Mineral oil and demethicone.

Lyclear Reviews

"After surprise nit attack and emergency run to supermarket where only option was a big name brand vamousse - failed after 3 applications to get rid of the little buggers!

I returned to old faithful- Lyclear.
One treatment and boom! Nits no more.

Don’t even bother with any other product - this is what you want!"

"This product is easy to use and good value for money. Comes with a small metal tooth comb which works well and the product itself has no scent.
It's oily and spreads well on the hair and scalp and when rubbed in it has a sud like texture. Works in a small amount of time although I'd recommend shampooing hair twice after use to remove remainder of grease. Plenty left for further treatments if needed. Would buy again"

"After months of different treatments finally found a product that has got rid of all the little visitors and no return!!!! Highly recommended"

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