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Medicare A1 Blood Pressure Monitor

Medicare A1 Blood Pressure Monitor

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The new Medicare® Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor will measure your systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as your heart rate. This easy to use home monitor uses a comfortable upper arm cuff and all your results can be conveniently read in the LCD panel at the front of the monitor. Reliable, accurate blood pressure monitors guarantee peace of mind when you need to keep a close check on your blood pressure.

  •  Digital LCD display (60mm x 41mm)
  •  Cuff circumference: 22cm-32cm
  •  Large soft touch buttons
  •  Large text for high visibility
  •  Irregular heartbeat detection
  •  2 x 60 memory groups per user
  •  Measure-during-inflation technology
  •  WHO blood pressure level indicator
How to Use:
  1.  Make sure you are relaxed before you begin.
  2.  Roll up your sleeve and fasten the cuff 2-3cm above your elbow bend. Rest your arm with your palm facing up. Try to avoid moving or talking during measurement.
  3.  Press the ‘Start/Stop’ button to begin measurement. It will automatically stop when the measurement is completed.
  4.  Your results will appear once the device has stopped.
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