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Medicare Maternity Pads - 10 Pads

Medicare Maternity Pads - 10 Pads

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Medicare Maternity Pads are ultra absorbent, discreet maternity pads for new mothers. These soft and absorbent thick maternity pads cushion and protect, offering maximum comfort while featuring a unique slim-line design.


Medicare Maternity Pads are remarkable pads and are specially designed for use after birth and provide a uniquely high absorption capacity, avoiding any risk of lateral leaks, due to the unique design of the ultra absorbent, ultra thin pad. These maternity pads are ideal for use after the birth of your baby to manage postnatal bleeding or before the birth when your waters have broken. Composed of 4 environmentally friendly layers, the super absorbent core of the pad locks moisture in - perfect for night time use and to help keep your skin feeling dry and healthy. Each pad is individually folded and wrapped - perfect for discreet use, easy carrying and convenient disposal when you're out and about. Ideal to pack in your travel bag in preparation for the big arrival. Medicare’s ultra thin maternity towels have been designed to offer protection, confidence and complete discretion.

  • Offers protection, confidence and complete discretion
  • 4 environmentally friendly absorbent layers
How to Use:

Change pads frequently.

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