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Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel 100ml

Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel 100ml

Collection: Hand Care
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Specially formulated to clean and protect your hands from germs with no need for soap or water.


Clinically proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. Contains a moisturiser to protect your skin. Leaves your hands feeling refreshed.

Ideal for use when travelling, using public facilities, before eating, at work, when looking after baby: before feeding or changing.

  • Contains moisturiser.
  • Kills harmfull bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • No water required.
How to use

Rub a small amount (3 ml) into your hands until dry (30 secs). No need to rinse.

  • Active ingredients: Ethanol (CAS 64-17-5): 800.00 g/kg. Biocidal product (TP1)
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