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NeilMed Nasa Mist Nasal Wash 177ml

NeilMed Nasa Mist Nasal Wash 177ml

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NeilMed NasaMist Saline Spray 177ml is an isotonic sterile saline solution spray to cleanse, moisturise and soothe nasal passages.

  • 177ml spray.
  • Supplied with ultra gentle, medium stream and large volume rinse tips.
  • Sterile.
  • Suitable for children aged 1 year and above.
  • Medicine-free.
  • Preservative-free.
  • pH balanced.
  • No CFCs.

NeilMed NasaMist Saline Spray supports nasal, sinus and allergy symptoms such as congestion, post nasal drip, dust irritation, grass, pollen, smoke and fumes.

How to use

The ultra gentle tip can be used for ages 1 and up for moisturising and soothing dry nasal passages. Insert the ultra gentle mist into nostril and press until adequate solution is sprayed. The medium tip can be used for ages 5 and up. This tip will deliver a medium volume jet that can reach deeper into the nasal passages. The large volume rinse tip for sinus and nasal rinse can be used for ages 5 and up. apply the special conical blue lavage adaptor snugly over the medium stream spray actuator. When using the large volume rinse, stand in front of a sink, bend forward to comfort level and tilt your head down. Keep your mouth open and, without holding your breath, place the tip snugly in the nostril and squeeze the actuator until the solution starts draining from the opposite nasal passage or from your mouth. Allow the flow to continue for 2 to 3 seconds. Do not swallow the solution. Blow your nose gently, without pinching your nose completely, to avoid applying pressure on your eardrums. If tolerable, sniff in any residual solution remaining in the nasal passage once or twice prior to blowing your nose. This may clean out the posterior nasopharyngeal area, which is the area at the back of your nasal passage. At times, some solution may reach the back of your throat. If so, please spit it out. To help improve drainage of any residual solution, blow your nose gently while tilting your head to the side. Now repeat these steps on your other nasal passage.


USP Grade Water, USP Sodium Chloride, USP Sodium Bicarbonate.

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