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NiQuitin Clear Patch Nicotine Step 1 21mg 14 Patches

NiQuitin Clear Patch Nicotine Step 1 21mg 14 Patches

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These Niquitin patches (step 1) contain the strongest dose of therapeutic nicotine.


Start on these Niquitin patches if you smoke more than 10 a day. Continue for 6 weeks. Each Step 1 Niquitin patch contains 21mg of nicotine, released over a 24-hour period. This helps reduce morning cravings where your nicotine levels have dropped. Research has clinically proven that using Niquitin patches can double your chances of quitting.

Niquitin clear patches are designed to be discreet.

This pack contains 14 Niquitin patches.

How to use

Apply Niquitin patch to clean skin site once a day, preferably when you wake up. Remove Niquitin patch after 24 hours and apply new patch to fresh skin site. Only 1 Niquitin patch should be worn at a time. See pack leaflet for further information.

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