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NiQuitin Clear Patch Step 3 7mg 7 Patches

NiQuitin Clear Patch Step 3 7mg 7 Patches

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Give your willpower a fighting chance with Niquitin Patches 7mg.

  • 7 Niquitin Clear patches.
  • 24 hour relief.
  • 7mg per Niquitin patch.
  • Transdermal Niquitin clear patch.

Niquitin Patches Clear Step 3 7mg provide you with 24 hour relief from Nicotine cravings. The Niquitin Clear Step 3 is part a 3 step programme to help relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms, including craving, associated with smoking cessation.

How to use

Apply Niquitin patch to clean skin site once a day, preferably when you wake up.
Remove Niquitin patch after 24 hours and apply new nicotine patch to fresh skin site.
Only 1 Niquitin patch should be worn at a time.
See pack leaflet for further information.

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