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NiQuitin Pre-Quit Clear Patch 21mg 7 Patches

NiQuitin Pre-Quit Clear Patch 21mg 7 Patches

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Niquitin Pre-Quit Clear Patch is designed to help you quit smoking gradually.


Designed as stage 1 for people who smoke 10+ cigarettes a day and have found it hard to quit in the past. Niquitin Pre-Quit Clear Patch 21mg should be used for 2-4 weeks while continuing to smoke as much as needed.

  • Contains 7 patches
  • 21mg patch
  • Eases you into quitting.
  • For use in adults aged 18+
  • Each patch is intended to be used for 24 hours
How to use

Apply 1 patch once per day, preferably on waking. The patches are meant to be used for 24 hours but can be removed after 16. Intended for use as a pre-quit measure. Once the course of patches is complete you should quit smoking and move on to Niquitin Step 1. Always read leaflet for full details.

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