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Numark Olive Oil Ear Drops 15ml

Numark Olive Oil Ear Drops 15ml

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Numark Olive Oil Eardrops are a natural remedy that helps to unblock your blocked ears.


If your ears are blocked with earwax, these eardrops will help to soften earwax, making it easier to remove and helping it to fall out of the ears naturally.

Numark Olive Oil Eardrops contain olive oil BP, which helps to soften hardened and dry earwax build up. This helps the wax to move out of the ear naturally and prepares it for easy removal with a syringe by your doctor or nurse.

How to use

Tilt your head to one side, making sure that the ear you wish to treat is facing upwards. Using the nozzle on the bottle, insert 2 – 3 Numark Olive Oil Eardrops into the ear, taking care not to touch your ear with the nozzle.

  • Olive Oil BP 100%
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