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Oilatum Emollient Liquid 500ml

Oilatum Emollient Liquid 500ml

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This Oilatum bath additive contains a light liquid paraffin creating a soothing bath to treat dry and itchy skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.


Oilatum emollient disperses in bath water to enhance its emollient effect and it also cleanses the skin, so no soap is needed.

How to use

For adults add 1-3 capfuls of Oilatum Bath Emollient to a standard bath (8 inches) and bathe for 10-20 minutes, pat dry with a towel.

For infants and children add 1/2-2 capfuls to a small bath. Apply gently over the skin with a sponge and pat dry with a towel. For skin cleansing rub a small amount into wet skin and rinse off.


Light liquid paraffin 63.4% w/w, acetylated wool alcohols, isopropyl palmitate, macrogol 400 dilaurate, macrogol ester and fragrance.

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