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Oilatum Formula Bath 150ml

Oilatum Formula Bath 150ml

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Oilatum Bath formula brings effective relief from eczema, dermatitis and other itchy dry skin conditions.


Containing the emollient light liquid paraffin, it soothes and rehydrates skin sealing in moisture to prevent further drying.

Oilatum Bath Formula is formulated to work with water to rehydrate and moisturise the skin. The water penetrates the skin and is then sealed in by the emollient, which creates a protective barrier. A bath emollient is convenient to use, and is the ideal choice for all-over dry skin treatment.

Oilatum disperses in the bath water (unlike ordinary bath oils which can form a film on the surface) to give you an inviting, milky bath.It rehydrates the skin, helps protect against further drying, and soothes irritation. It also cleanses the skin, so you do not need to use soap. Oilatum Bath Formula is also suitable for eczema.

  • Soothes, Softens and re hydrates.
  • Helps protect against further drying.
  • For best results use with Oilatum Lotion.

Oilatum Bath Formula cleanses without soap, so it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use

Always use with water, either added to a bath or applied to wet skin.

Adult: Add 1 to 3 capfuls to an 8 inch bath of water. Soak for 10-20 minutes. Pat dry.

Infant: Add 1/2 to 2 capfuls to a small bath of water. Apply gently over entire body with a sponge. Pat dry.

Skin cleansing: Rub a small amount into wet skin, rinse and pat dry. There is no need to use soap.


Light Liquid Paraffin 63.4%, Acetylated Wool Alcohols, Isopropyl Palmitate, Macrogol 400 Dilaurate, Polyoxyethylene 40 Sorbitol Septaoleate, Floral Spice.

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