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Oilatum Plus Liquid Bath 500ml

Oilatum Plus Liquid Bath 500ml

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For the topical treatment of eczema and the management of associated infection.

  • Oilatum Plus is a bath additive containing 3 active ingredients: liquid paraffin, benzalkonium chloride and triclosan.
  • The light liquid paraffin which creates a soothing bath to treat eczema.
  • Also works as an effective cleanser, so no soap is needed.
How to use

Always dilute with water before use.
Add 2 capfuls to a standard bath (10ml to an infant bath).
Soak for 10-15 minutes and pat dry with a towel.
Use once daily.


Light liquid paraffin BP 52.5%, benzalkonium chloride 6.0%, triclosan 2.0%, acetylated wool, alcohols, isopropyl palmitate, oleyl alcohol and macrogol lauryl ether. Oilatum plus does not contain perfume or colouring.

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