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Optibac Baby Drops 30 servings

Optibac Baby Drops 30 servings

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Optibac Drops For Your Baby is a high quality natural supplement that contains Bifidobacterium breve M-16V.


Optibac Drops: Scientifically researched in thousands of newborns & babies. Each serving provides 1 billion live cultures.

  • Suitable for vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free diets.
  • Suitable from birth onwards.
  • Scientifically proven to pass through stomach acidity and survive to reach the gut.
  • Easy to use dropper.
  • Vegan.

A food supplement for newborns from birth onwards; infants, babies and young children. Suitable for both breastfed and bottle-fed babies.

Key benefits

  • Friendly bacteria for babies – suitable for use from birth and designed especially for use in newborns, infants and young children
  • Highly researched – contains the world-renowned live cultures strain, B. breve M-16V®, researched in thousands of babies and children in gold standard clinical trials
  • Scientifically proven – shown to survive stomach acidity and reach the gut alive, where it helps maintain balance in a baby’s gut flora by increasing levels of Bifidobacteria
  • Complements the infant gut – B. breve M-16V® complements the gut flora naturally present in your baby’s digestive system
  • A more natural option – vegan and gluten free, and absolutely no added sugars, artificial flavours or colours
  • Liquid drops formula – easy-to-use baby friendly bacteria drops; can be administered directly into baby’s mouth*, on a spoon or mixed into cool milk or food
  • Complementary product – safe alongside medication for colic and reflux
  • Award-winning live cultures supplement for babies - winner of 2020 National Parenting Product Awards and Nutra Ingredients Asia Award 2019 for Ingredient of the Year: Infant Nutrition
  • Most trusted by parents – Optibac Drops is the friendly bacteria brand most trusted by parents/mums, as determined in an independent survey* of 1000 people across the UK
How to use

Mix Optibac Drops by shaking well before use - separation is natural.
Discard original lid.
Give 0.3 ml as indicated on dropper (8 drops) in any of the following ways:
Directly into the mouth*, on a spoon, in a bottle of formula milk or expressed breast milk, on a clean finger (one drop at a time) or on the nipple (a drop or two at a time).
For older children, mix the drops into cool food or drinks.
* Refrigerate if using dropper directly into the mouth. No refrigeration necessary when stored in a cool dry place below 25°C.
For best results use daily.
Once opened, use within 30 days.
Do not wash the dropper.


Medium chain triglyceride oil (plant source). Live cultures: Bifidobacterium breve M-16V. Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (plant source).

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