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Otex Express Combi Pack 10ml

Otex Express Combi Pack 10ml

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Otex Express Dual Combi Pack - Complete Ear Wax Remover Kit.

  • Disperse wax with clinically proven drops.
  • Cleanse ear with gentle easy-to-use syringe.

Otex Express Dual Combi Pack contains an advanced, dual action ear wax treatment to soften hardened ear wax and gently liberate oxygen to help it disperse. It also contains a bulb syringe to gently cleanse the ear after treatment.

How to use

Please read and retain the enclosed patient leaflet, which also contains a helpful diagram. For use by adults, the elderly and children over 12 years.
Step 1: Use the ear drops to disperse ear was as follows: Tilt head, and gently squeeze up to 5 drops into ear. Leave for a few minutes and then wipe surplus with a tissue. Wash hands after use. Repeat once or twice daily, if necessary for approximately 3-4 days whilst symptoms clear.
Step 2: After using the ear drops for 3-4 days, cleanse the ear canal of any remaining ear wax or drops by using the bulb syringe as follows: Fill bulb syringe with warm water. Gently position the nozzle of the bulb syringe into the opening of the ear canal but no further. Cleanse the ear into a wash basin.


Urea hydrogen peroxide; 8-hydroxyquinoline; glycerol.

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